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Hey guys and girls!, a free psn codes generator you say!!!??? ohhhhh yes!


I created this Free PSN Codes generator in May 2013 which literally gets onto the PlayStation servers and retrieves the unused psn codes image
I check that it still works every other day to keep it updated.

It has been tested with my own ps3 and a handful of friends who have all come back to say that it works flawlessly!

Now i will be selling this for around $37 as soon as the limited period is over and I have enough feedback confirming that it is working without any issues.

How do i get it!!??

SOOOOOO……For a limited time only I am giving this out for FREE!!! all you need to do is put your name and email address in the form on the right, I will then send you a link to the download.

You can see in the video what it looks like once you have downloaded it :)

Once you have tested it, I would be VERY grateful if you send me an email to let me know if the free psn codes generator worked as intended, then as soon as I have enough vouches to say it worked, I shall remove it from being free!!!!

It’s as easy as that to get your free PSN Codes generator, enjoy!! is 100% safe and will NEVER ask for any payment or credit card details, we simply ask for your Name and Email address so we can send you the download :)



Warning on other sites:-

There are lots of sites that promise Free PSN Codes for no cost but beware as most are scams, if they ask for card detail, whatever you do, DO NOT put them in, they are likely to

  • Sell your card details to fraudsters
  • Use them to buy phone credit to ring international countries
  • Call up the credit card company and get your personal details
  • Go shopping online!!



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